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. . .   YOUNG  -  CREATIVE  -  FASHION   . . .
. . .   we are a young, creative, fashion, energetic and future oriented team   . . .

Fashion industry is invariably fascinating! We know this better than anybody else.
The Company owns eight brands. Each brand is special and unique having its own concept, character, clear positioning and well-identified target audience.

Business strategy of the company is based on permanent and stable growth which is realised by expansion to new markets and conquering new target customer groups. Honesty, sincerity, dignity and respect are our principles to all participants in business processes.
Our mission is to open fashion for new emotions of our customers.

. . .  GROSMAN group  . . .


  • Hair · 99%
  • Make up · 88%
  • Bodypainting · 66%
  • Photo · 99%
  • Video · 77%
  • Design · 88%
  • Web · 66%
  • Print · 77%
  • + + Production · 88%
  • + + Promotion · 88%
  • + + Intermediation · 88%
  • + + Store · 99%



We are curious and full of initiative.
We are in constant search of new ideas.

Everything that is good today will not work so well tomorrow and get totally outdated the day after tomorrow.


We love what we do and inspire others with our passion!

We are role models for each other in terms of having a winning mentality. We are guided by individual initiative, commitment, and the drive to achieve even more ambitious goals. Achieving long-term goals takes precedence over short-term success.


We are not afraid of the impossible.

We are brave in overcoming difficulties, and our fighting spirit is intrepid in any situation! We are sincerely intent to achieve best results, and we take honest decisions.

What are we


GROSMAN group consists of eight independent brands.
The GROSMAN group brands are united in a way where the clients are provided with the full spectrum of offers and a wholesome service, while each brand also operates individually and independently. For everyone, all over the world. Locally and globally.

With whom


And many others.
We would like to become your partner as well!
Creativity is here


Here we are building the future.
The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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